Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Weekday Trailwork Maintenance


MoU in Direstraits, During Stormy Monday.


Weekday trail maintenance during the monsoon season can be very enjoyable. The penghulu and gang, sharpened their Stihl tooth around the MoU. Fallen trees and debris were cleared, for enjoyment on weekend. Happy riding!




We have to bushwhackers. TheBikeQuest. Salute.

Deadfalls and rainforest.

Ride don't slide

Special thanks to Weekdays Crew
- you know who you are, may Allah bless ya'

Suggested ride flow during Monsoon:

Colorado -> the Wall -> LeftyRidge -> uppershort -> battery -> S2 -> basuh muka -> S1 -> titi serong -> rockgarden --> battery -> uppershort -> loose rock -> kurma -> flores -> bandung -> Mou -> Colorado

Note: The above recommended trail flow is for the encouragement to regular mountainbikers or hikers to use S1 and S2. 

If you Ride More on S1 and S2, Less Work (maintenance) for the crews.

If you curious about the trail names, get to know 'em or check out here,  Trail History :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

S1 and S2 : "discover the flow, learn the technicalities, repeat".

If you hesitate about riding a switchback, throw your alter-ego here, and if you still have no idea what is trail riding or mountain biking, jump in the fire!

One of the S1 classic..

Refer to Map for ride flow understanding.

The ancient handrawing singletrackmind mapping.