Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Singletrackminded Aren't Ya'??

Singletrack Mapping in Our Brain. photo by Jak the Snake

One says, "you can hop on any old bike, bump along a cattle track (read: estate) and call it off-roading, but if you really want to know what mountain biking should feel like, you need to ride singletrack".

What is singletrack and why we were obsessed?

Singletrack trails basically have obstacles, narrows and super tight turns, and, thats why we lovin' it.

Peace of mind product line. photo by Jason Koh

When we have a good understanding on it, learn the skill riding 'em week in week out in Kiara a few years back, we just cant imagine how passionate the trailbuilder, and how his brain works.

It complexity, imagination how to ride it while building it, creativity, and flow.

When you have the drive to build it yourself, you've got the symptoms. photo by Headshox

That is maybe the sindrome, Singletrack Deficit Disorder or STDD. Nevermind the virus, but not riding for a couple months, just because to cangkul for personal riding satisfaction and the thought of, if we don't dig, there will be no ride, we rather sleep on Sunday, than riding on an estate route, ouch!

Headshox on Lefty pumping up the Wasteland cobblestone.photo by Jason Koh

Earn your turns, every climb leads to an exhilarating descent. 
(exhilarate if only it was a singletrack..)