Sunday, 21 September 2014


Edisi Bahasa Malaysia. 

Sampah yang dikutip di beberapa tempat sekitar Lefty hari ini. Gambar ihsan Jason Koh.

Sudahlah hutan yang tinggal hanya secubit, terpaksa menghadapi cabaran pembangunan, peneroka kurang peka, kebakaran, penebangan, dan sekarang, penggemar-penggemar alam semulajadi yang poseur juga menjadi penyumbang kerosakan akibat kurang didikan asas menjaga kebersihan.

Perkara Asas Etika Di Dalam Trail - Chapter:Kebersihan dan cara paling mudah mempraktikkannya adalah seperti berikut:

Jika anda adalah kononnya mountainbiker, hiker, atau nature lover

- anda hanya perlu menyimpan kembali apa juga plastik pembungkus yang sudah di makan atau di gunakan seperti powergel, roti, sneakers dan botol air mineral atau 100plus ke dalam bag galas Camelbak anda atau pun backpocket jersey kegemaran anda, untuk dibawa pulang ke rumah.

- jika anda berjaya membawa pulang kembali plastik-plastik pembungkus tersebut, maknanya anda adalah mountainbiker/hiker/naturelover yang pernah bersekolah. Tahniah!

Jika anda adalah jamboree organizer

- anda hanya perlu membersihkan kembali banner, buntings, signage dan trail marker anda. 

Ini kerana adalah kurang wajar jika anda boleh bertungkus lumus memasang sesuatu yang materialistik di dalam hutan untuk keuntungan anda.

Tetapi anda tidak pula bertungkus lumus menanggalkannya kembali selepas sesuatu event tersebut,  untuk keuntungan dan keaslian hutan itu kembali.

Jika anda gagal berbuat demikian, maka terbuktilah yang anda hanyalah capitalist.

Konklusi dan Solusi Mudah

Sampah masuk, sampah keluar, dan anda berjaya membuktikan yang anda sememangnya pernah ke sekolah!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

LEFTY RIDGE - PART 3 - Behind the Trails Name

Left out? photo from google

The saga continues..

This is the Part of behind the trails name series.

Check out the Part 1 and Part 2 for better picture of the whole craps.

-apparently not a trail, its more like "kl sentral". An open area used to be logging sub-station sometime ago, perhaps.

It was called battery simply that it really got an old big battery used by lori balak abondoned there.

Tzar wondering around the Battery.

What intresting was when you arrive in this area, you got plenty of choice to going down the hills, but the best is to straight to S2. If you happen to use the now-boring double-track Rock Garden, then you're such a boo-hoo clapping song.

Rock Garden (Rest in Peace)

Rock Garden used to be a lovely singletrack with all the roots and rocks, but unfortunately destroyed by the other double track developer without our knowledge, and became a double-track due to unknown logical reasons.

Original Rock Garden singletrack before double track developer invaded.

How on earth in the name of development? Wish you were still there oh by headshox

Captured above was the now abolished majestic pokok Y, in the middle of Rock Garden singletrack. Sadly, the icon has long gone before we embrace her.

We did not suprise, when we invite a few Kiara regulars to ride here and their feedback was  absurd. "...what on earth your rockgarden so dull and wide and the rocks were all swept to the side??"

The answer is..

".. the trail is used to be as natural (see the photo above, again) you can get with rocks, tricky drops and berms.. but, sad but true..forest ethics is still not being understood by some.."

Upper Short

- the trail has been used by hashers, indons and wildboar hunters, from Puncak Perdana for so long as we can remember, 4 years back when first time we discover this trail, we just realised how significant the trail functioning as a link to the whole network, in the case of when you ride on Lefty Ridge from MoU, take left is Loose Rock, but a quick right-up turn, is the upper short.

We never bother to stop for a snap of photo on this trail due to our mind had already so occupied on maintaining the flow for S2 further down.


- basically is not a trail, it is a gravel road uphill to the Wall used by the quarry operator, (with license or not? only God knows) but we believe, the hard truth is they pecah the bukits, sell the bongkah batus,(1st layer profit), then build houses, sell the houses (double the profit), as simple as that. 

During dry season, it became very gersang and dusty, so we called it Colorado. (though we never been there. oops.)

We just got to use this entrance from Puncak Perdana due to the now defunct Nusa Rhu to Peak Floyd trails, also vanished in the name of development. (Refer to Part 1).

... to be continued

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Darkside of The Moon

Aku dalam delusi. gambar hiasan. photo from google for teaser only.

The captain all of a sudden, pop-ups new idea, "how about test the leftys at nite?"

And everybody seems to agree, except yours truly, just because of "nite safari" situation, especially the wildboars. Oops. 

Nevertherless, according to Singletracks, "hitting the trails in complete darkness also creates a completely different viewpoint of the trail."

"While daytime lends to seeing the scenery, darkness narrows your focus to just what’s in the beam of your light."

"It becomes just you and the trail. Obstacles look different, the smells are more noticeable, and occasionally the night looks back at you…" 

..and the spooky feeling, like, emm somebody is watching you, and it helps you to ride even faster..

Nite ride for dummies guide:

1: Gear-up - dress to kill, do not wear your Black Sabbath tshirt will ya', a little reflector on your jersey would be good.
Buff also can be practical, with your lightings, you would be suprised at how much dust you you'll sedut into your lungs.

2: Eyewear - If you are a specky, wear 'em!

3: Lights - a decent one is a must unless you are very well verse (terang hati) on the trail you want to ride.

4: Choose your nite life! (read: choose the loop) - you may not want to choose the black-labelled kinda trail. Warning! Lights tend to flatten the gradient. The captain ball-jak had already potrays the dillusional loop. We guest, its still paint with black! 

Care to join? Hippies use side door.
The more, the merrier ayy..

Thursday, 4 September 2014


This is the flow of the trails going down after long way up to the peak during "ride with the iblis session".

The video show the ride from uppershort -> loose rock -> kurma trail -> rootbloodyroots -> doublerottenlogs -> .. and flores

Test bikes featuring Yap of Pedalspot Bikeshop with his newly built Ibis Mojo HDr, on-board camera is the penghulu's Van Nicholas Redwood 29er and Litespeed Cohutta 29er (last but not least).

Its been a while since our last review on demo bike. 

But, just enjoy the video, as yours truly keyboard seems too heavy too describe the details of the bikes.

The culprits:-

650b with mojo delta blues. photo by jason koh

Redwood 29er with trail flavor. photo by jak the snake robert

Cohutta 100 Tennesse bred. photo by jason koh

**if u sense promo virus, get your fix.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

.. And (maybe) Ride To Freedom

Into the Greenhill. photo by headshox

The XC Indie Day ride last Sunday clearly was not our bread n butter. 

Singletrackers, apparently when they ride with pedaling and cadence were the main task, in an open area and saddle almost 99% occupied, yawning is the best thing to describe.

Good news. But a little Greenhill revisited, made our day, with the blast from the past on Salak South Trail, short but still sweet.

High maintenance of Salak South Trail. photo by jak's goPro

Bad news. On the merdeka ride is the unmerdeka "penebang pokok" scenario, we found a few healthy trees cut down mercilessly for no reason. 

According to the penghulu, bukit botak's name was called because of the baldy kind of hill it was looks like 10 years a go when they were riding there.

After 10 years, bukit botak seems not so botak anymore, with green scenery and trees grow happily, (minus the wildfires last March) but if they start to chop again, we think bukit botak will forever be botak. 

Atleast those pokoks took 10 years to grow, but the "penebang pokok" maybe only took 10 minutes to satisfy their soul.

..maybe its true freedom thats gone at some points. 

Peace sells .. but who's buying?