Monday, 16 February 2015

Rockface Thriller

780mm handlebar diehards, watch your steps. photo by jason koh

We reach the much awaited Rockface, only after  7 months since the idea popped-up. Yeah, happy, clappy, puppy!

(syed anaz and ron jeremy were the trail-gosippin' topic of the day.. *sigh*)

Deep and closer contour lines from topomap proves how steep this section was in reality.

First switchback apparently nasty,  dark curve edges at some of the section got to be reinforced, with tambak 
johor kind of thing.

4 hours of free labor (with love), only 15 meters of trail built. But deep inside, huge relief to hear the sound of Twin Gorge. 

Kong He Fat Choy!

Days without riding: 21

".. we couldn't care less what kind of suspension design your full-carbon bomber utilizes;
Grow a beard and go ride!"

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bila di Trail Kicauan..

Edisi Dwi Bahasa

".. landing time" sambil mendengar kicauan burung selepas mencangkul adalah kenikmatan. photo by jason koh

We heard Pcc gang visit Lefty Ridge for their weekly Mud N Dirt session, hopefully they know the real riding flow of this loop, and we still at Kicauan trail, making progress, meet the Pakis, and getting closer to Rockface. Oh Rockface, you are simply "dekat tapi jauh".

Ah Mio 2 kiri, 2 kanan at Pakis.

"meet uncle pakis". photo by jack the snake robert

upper side of Jonirotan. photo by #airsirapkosedap

"down down, you bring me down... and I heard you knockin' at my trail and I can't ride at nite..I am the resurrection and I am the life..I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you as I'd like to ride..!" 

-by StoneRoses and thanks Joy Mango for intro.

-days without riding: 14

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Back To Cangkul

Rotans before .. 
(early morning breeze)
photo by Jason Koh

After 3 months of long holidays and excuses, on the very 1st of February, finally, we managed to overcome our "tepuness" and continue mencangkul to linking up the pieces.

The stubborn piece of JoniRotan (named after Pistols' Johnny Rotten,resemblance to this piece, which is wild and raw, i.e berselirat dengan rotan dan akar).

It was the slowest part, it tooks 3 months holiday to solve the puzzles, which eventually resurface to the last terrace before proceed to Rockface, maybe on the next session.

Rotans after.. 
(its highnoon, sun beams bursting through the jungle canopy)
photo by Jason Koh