Tuesday, 28 October 2014


This is the problem of our ego. Just leave 'em at home on Sunday. We believe mountainbikers not a jackass with lame excuses. Have fun on the trails (with open mind).
Discover, Ride, Learn, Repeat

And if you in denial and obliterate your understanding on this trails history, you are a leaf, that doesn't know it is part of a tree..

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Weekday Trailwork Maintenance


MoU in Direstraits, During Stormy Monday.


Weekday trail maintenance during the monsoon season can be very enjoyable. The penghulu and gang, sharpened their Stihl tooth around the MoU. Fallen trees and debris were cleared, for enjoyment on weekend. Happy riding!




We have to bushwhackers. TheBikeQuest. Salute.

Deadfalls and rainforest.

Ride don't slide

Special thanks to Weekdays Crew
- you know who you are, may Allah bless ya'

Suggested ride flow during Monsoon:

Colorado -> the Wall -> LeftyRidge -> uppershort -> battery -> S2 -> basuh muka -> S1 -> titi serong -> rockgarden --> battery -> uppershort -> loose rock -> kurma -> flores -> bandung -> Mou -> Colorado

Note: The above recommended trail flow is for the encouragement to regular mountainbikers or hikers to use S1 and S2. 

If you Ride More on S1 and S2, Less Work (maintenance) for the crews.

If you curious about the trail names, get to know 'em or check out here,  Trail History :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

S1 and S2 : "discover the flow, learn the technicalities, repeat".

If you hesitate about riding a switchback, throw your alter-ego here, and if you still have no idea what is trail riding or mountain biking, jump in the fire!

One of the S1 classic..

Refer to Map for ride flow understanding.

The ancient handrawing singletrackmind mapping.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Singletrackminded Aren't Ya'??

Singletrack Mapping in Our Brain. photo by Jak the Snake

One says, "you can hop on any old bike, bump along a cattle track (read: estate) and call it off-roading, but if you really want to know what mountain biking should feel like, you need to ride singletrack".

What is singletrack and why we were obsessed?

Singletrack trails basically have obstacles, narrows and super tight turns, and, thats why we lovin' it.

Peace of mind product line. photo by Jason Koh

When we have a good understanding on it, learn the skill riding 'em week in week out in Kiara a few years back, we just cant imagine how passionate the trailbuilder, and how his brain works.

It complexity, imagination how to ride it while building it, creativity, and flow.

When you have the drive to build it yourself, you've got the symptoms. photo by Headshox

That is maybe the sindrome, Singletrack Deficit Disorder or STDD. Nevermind the virus, but not riding for a couple months, just because to cangkul for personal riding satisfaction and the thought of, if we don't dig, there will be no ride, we rather sleep on Sunday, than riding on an estate route, ouch!

Headshox on Lefty pumping up the Wasteland cobblestone.photo by Jason Koh

Earn your turns, every climb leads to an exhilarating descent. 
(exhilarate if only it was a singletrack..)

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Simple but inspiring photo by Headshox

During wet season, carving new trails is the best possible hobby beside riding. 

Especially on designing a tight switchbacks can be very tricky, the roots, gradient, sexiest curve and the worst part, to dig. 

Thus, when the soil is soft, made it super easy to cangkul, evening downpours, made it naturally washed  and clean, until the next weekend, compacting the trail is fast especially when you only got the usual suspects.

One of Lefty Ridge "no dig no ride" propaganda. photo by Headshox

That pain in the arse cut above is for future convenience climbathon and switchback or hairpin is the best solution to flatten the hills atleast.

Hairpins kind of turn add some technical challenge during our ride. It tests your balance especially on steep terrains, whether to increase speed or otherwise, you fell, not to given-up, but repeat with the right techniques.

Some switchbacks for dummies tips:-

-watch your line, roll..but not to rock...(LedZepp ya) and and use your front brake for your speed control. Rear brake draggy is bad for the trail.

-stay in balance, at some point if the switchback is super-tight, you may encounter trial style to readjust. 

Speed and sound cornering at Lower Mission, Kiara. Photo by Jason Koh

-Proper speed and momentum are the key to freedom. Do not hesitate.

-weight distribution is vital whether you are riding it up or down.

-look where you are going...not where you are at!

-roots and rocks? enjoy rolling on them, not to cut them. (still remember our lost lovely roots at Bloodyroot switchback, the police still unable to put the root-cutter behind bars)

Lovely! photo by Jake the Snake

.. and indeed! Switchback is the Fuel for the Trails.