Wednesday, 17 September 2014

LEFTY RIDGE - PART 3 - Behind the Trails Name

Left out? photo from google

The saga continues..

This is the Part of behind the trails name series.

Check out the Part 1 and Part 2 for better picture of the whole craps.

-apparently not a trail, its more like "kl sentral". An open area used to be logging sub-station sometime ago, perhaps.

It was called battery simply that it really got an old big battery used by lori balak abondoned there.

Tzar wondering around the Battery.

What intresting was when you arrive in this area, you got plenty of choice to going down the hills, but the best is to straight to S2. If you happen to use the now-boring double-track Rock Garden, then you're such a boo-hoo clapping song.

Rock Garden (Rest in Peace)

Rock Garden used to be a lovely singletrack with all the roots and rocks, but unfortunately destroyed by the other double track developer without our knowledge, and became a double-track due to unknown logical reasons.

Original Rock Garden singletrack before double track developer invaded.

How on earth in the name of development? Wish you were still there oh by headshox

Captured above was the now abolished majestic pokok Y, in the middle of Rock Garden singletrack. Sadly, the icon has long gone before we embrace her.

We did not suprise, when we invite a few Kiara regulars to ride here and their feedback was  absurd. "...what on earth your rockgarden so dull and wide and the rocks were all swept to the side??"

The answer is..

".. the trail is used to be as natural (see the photo above, again) you can get with rocks, tricky drops and berms.. but, sad but true..forest ethics is still not being understood by some.."

Upper Short

- the trail has been used by hashers, indons and wildboar hunters, from Puncak Perdana for so long as we can remember, 4 years back when first time we discover this trail, we just realised how significant the trail functioning as a link to the whole network, in the case of when you ride on Lefty Ridge from MoU, take left is Loose Rock, but a quick right-up turn, is the upper short.

We never bother to stop for a snap of photo on this trail due to our mind had already so occupied on maintaining the flow for S2 further down.


- basically is not a trail, it is a gravel road uphill to the Wall used by the quarry operator, (with license or not? only God knows) but we believe, the hard truth is they pecah the bukits, sell the bongkah batus,(1st layer profit), then build houses, sell the houses (double the profit), as simple as that. 

During dry season, it became very gersang and dusty, so we called it Colorado. (though we never been there. oops.)

We just got to use this entrance from Puncak Perdana due to the now defunct Nusa Rhu to Peak Floyd trails, also vanished in the name of development. (Refer to Part 1).

... to be continued