Thursday, 2 October 2014


Simple but inspiring photo by Headshox

During wet season, carving new trails is the best possible hobby beside riding. 

Especially on designing a tight switchbacks can be very tricky, the roots, gradient, sexiest curve and the worst part, to dig. 

Thus, when the soil is soft, made it super easy to cangkul, evening downpours, made it naturally washed  and clean, until the next weekend, compacting the trail is fast especially when you only got the usual suspects.

One of Lefty Ridge "no dig no ride" propaganda. photo by Headshox

That pain in the arse cut above is for future convenience climbathon and switchback or hairpin is the best solution to flatten the hills atleast.

Hairpins kind of turn add some technical challenge during our ride. It tests your balance especially on steep terrains, whether to increase speed or otherwise, you fell, not to given-up, but repeat with the right techniques.

Some switchbacks for dummies tips:-

-watch your line, roll..but not to rock...(LedZepp ya) and and use your front brake for your speed control. Rear brake draggy is bad for the trail.

-stay in balance, at some point if the switchback is super-tight, you may encounter trial style to readjust. 

Speed and sound cornering at Lower Mission, Kiara. Photo by Jason Koh

-Proper speed and momentum are the key to freedom. Do not hesitate.

-weight distribution is vital whether you are riding it up or down.

-look where you are going...not where you are at!

-roots and rocks? enjoy rolling on them, not to cut them. (still remember our lost lovely roots at Bloodyroot switchback, the police still unable to put the root-cutter behind bars)

Lovely! photo by Jake the Snake

.. and indeed! Switchback is the Fuel for the Trails.