Thursday, 4 September 2014


This is the flow of the trails going down after long way up to the peak during "ride with the iblis session".

The video show the ride from uppershort -> loose rock -> kurma trail -> rootbloodyroots -> doublerottenlogs -> .. and flores

Test bikes featuring Yap of Pedalspot Bikeshop with his newly built Ibis Mojo HDr, on-board camera is the penghulu's Van Nicholas Redwood 29er and Litespeed Cohutta 29er (last but not least).

Its been a while since our last review on demo bike. 

But, just enjoy the video, as yours truly keyboard seems too heavy too describe the details of the bikes.

The culprits:-

650b with mojo delta blues. photo by jason koh

Redwood 29er with trail flavor. photo by jak the snake robert

Cohutta 100 Tennesse bred. photo by jason koh

**if u sense promo virus, get your fix.