Wednesday, 3 September 2014

.. And (maybe) Ride To Freedom

Into the Greenhill. photo by headshox

The XC Indie Day ride last Sunday clearly was not our bread n butter. 

Singletrackers, apparently when they ride with pedaling and cadence were the main task, in an open area and saddle almost 99% occupied, yawning is the best thing to describe.

Good news. But a little Greenhill revisited, made our day, with the blast from the past on Salak South Trail, short but still sweet.

High maintenance of Salak South Trail. photo by jak's goPro

Bad news. On the merdeka ride is the unmerdeka "penebang pokok" scenario, we found a few healthy trees cut down mercilessly for no reason. 

According to the penghulu, bukit botak's name was called because of the baldy kind of hill it was looks like 10 years a go when they were riding there.

After 10 years, bukit botak seems not so botak anymore, with green scenery and trees grow happily, (minus the wildfires last March) but if they start to chop again, we think bukit botak will forever be botak. 

Atleast those pokoks took 10 years to grow, but the "penebang pokok" maybe only took 10 minutes to satisfy their soul.

..maybe its true freedom thats gone at some points. 

Peace sells .. but who's buying?