Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Darkside of The Moon

Aku dalam delusi. gambar hiasan. photo from google for teaser only.

The captain all of a sudden, pop-ups new idea, "how about test the leftys at nite?"

And everybody seems to agree, except yours truly, just because of "nite safari" situation, especially the wildboars. Oops. 

Nevertherless, according to Singletracks, "hitting the trails in complete darkness also creates a completely different viewpoint of the trail."

"While daytime lends to seeing the scenery, darkness narrows your focus to just what’s in the beam of your light."

"It becomes just you and the trail. Obstacles look different, the smells are more noticeable, and occasionally the night looks back at you…" 

..and the spooky feeling, like, emm somebody is watching you, and it helps you to ride even faster..

Nite ride for dummies guide:

1: Gear-up - dress to kill, do not wear your Black Sabbath tshirt will ya', a little reflector on your jersey would be good.
Buff also can be practical, with your lightings, you would be suprised at how much dust you you'll sedut into your lungs.

2: Eyewear - If you are a specky, wear 'em!

3: Lights - a decent one is a must unless you are very well verse (terang hati) on the trail you want to ride.

4: Choose your nite life! (read: choose the loop) - you may not want to choose the black-labelled kinda trail. Warning! Lights tend to flatten the gradient. The captain ball-jak had already potrays the dillusional loop. We guest, its still paint with black! 

Care to join? Hippies use side door.
The more, the merrier ayy..