Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sunday In Hell With The "Iblis"

Trail News

Yap of Pedalspot on Ibis Mojo Hdr ripped the singletrack at Leftys S1 trail like nobody business.photo by Jason Koh

Last Sunday was a very good day to ride,  the hellish climb of Leftys trail leave only 7 out of 12, survived the mosquitos and 2 hours of ascent, for the pleasure of only 4 minutes of descending Loose Rock and the infectious Kurma trail. 

The result is pure adrenaline fix, enough to hold on for the next 6 days.

Next Sunday, rumours spread out that the penghulu suggested to ride Colorado - the Wall - Leftyridge - uppershort - Rockgarden - tt serong - upper bkt botak  - S1 from above - reverse good morning - the return to Greenhill - Salak South -lungbuster - kg budiman- Resort - Bandung - MoU - and back to Colorado.

From S1 with Love