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4 Long Years of Trailbuilding what we called "The Lefty Loop of Shah Alam Hidden Valley"

Kindly refer to the last post on this section on June 24th, 2011.

The Sejarah of the Trail 

The trail network is a brainchild of 
Mr. Lefty himself, he got a vast experience in bushwhacking, recce and trail sniffin' and trekking the jungle on his backyard.

From Lower Sapu Tangan to Nusa Rhu to The Wall, Rock Garden to Alam Budiman, Setia Alam border and Greenhill, he sees the potential of linking up a few singletracks and make-up 1 big loop for him to ride.

So, he decided to cangkul.

December 2009 to Early 2010:

Completing the earthwork at Greenhill Loop and now defunct Hanky Panky trail with the Alam Budiman gang.

2nd Quarter of 2010:

We started to re-visit and repairing the long lost Nusa Rhu trail to The Wall via ToTW and Peak Floyd, and also Setia Alam exit via Zinc.

At this time, The Wall to Rock Garden had been marked accordingly and we just can't imagine how fun it would be to riding it downhill all the way to Alam Budiman.

Singletrack in the making at Nusa Rhu trailhead up to ToTW and Peak Floyd. photo by Headshox circa 2010.

2nd Quarter of 2011:

Almost 11 months after, it was a very slow process and hardship. The haluan kiri cangkul guys at the brink of realising their dream, to ride Nusa Rhu trail network.

The link from Nusa Rhu to Zinc trail was completed and left only one big bill bronzy fallen pokok balak (we called her, "pinang sebatang") to be cut to make our climbing smooth up to the Peak Floyd without having to dismount.

Things happen, right after we manage to cut the last fallen balak (out of 15, more or less) quiet a few more pokok balaks felt a week after due to a very unusual thunderstorm and more like a riot from our point of view.

We thought, mothernature was not on our side.

We were down and out, given-up and decided to stop cangkul Nusa Rhu and just back to Kiara and ride. Period.

For the record: Peak Floyd, Zinc, Nusa Rhu and ToTW were now vanished in the name of development.

At Colorado, note that the remaining forest up-front is Peak Floyd. Photo by Headshox

4th Quarter 2011:

The Return of The Cangkul

After a few months of Kiara riding, 
Mr. Lefty was invited by the Alam Budiman 4x4 cum cyclist gang to revive the Bukit Botak a.k.a Bukit Pkns.

He was asked to share his expertise by the Alam Budiman's Tok Batin to create an "S" kind of trail at the foot of Bukit Botak.

To cut the story short, the S1 trail is born, Basuh Muka, S2, Good Morning, Masterpiece, Kurma, Flores and the LooseRock follow thru, with the help of various gang of volunteers (you know who you are and may Allah bless you).

Mid summer 2013 at the S2 trail. Photo by Mr Lefty

.... and the rest is history.. thats why they called it sejarah maybe, the sejarah of Lefty Loop of Shah Alam Hidden Valley!

March 2014, the job is done, Lefty Loop trail network on map. Photo by Jason Koh

The making of Good Morning Trail. Photo by Jason Koh

Trail and Ride Description

Ride Description: Approximately 15km

(kindly refer to the map for ride flow and trails name)

The ride will start from UiTM Puncak Perdana to Nusa Rhu construction site, gated entrance, up to the dusty "colorado" hill towards  the trail head "upper m.o.u". 

(MoU is built by Setia Alam guys whom had a memorandum of understanding with the tok batin to link their trail to the wall)

Zar BmC powering MoU on his way to The Wall. Photo by Jason Koh

Into the 1st singletrack, the "upper m.o.u", we will climb towards "the wall" and enter into the woods, ride on the "leftyridge"of singletrack until we reach a T junction..

At the T junction, we take a sharp right turn into the "upper short". (take note, left turn is "loose rock" which we will discuss later).

In "upper short" trail, a short bypass towards a doubletrack, and we take left downhill to the "battery".

from "battery", we enter straight to the "s2 trail", and all the way down the "batu hampar" and "the bollocks" tight swithcback.

The bollocks switchback at S2. Photo by Headshox

after that short descending ride, we will ride on the doubletrack, towards the way to the "good morning trail"

from "good morning", then we enter to another short lungbusting climb of "basuh muka trail" until we reach the entrance of "s1 trail".

Into the "S1 trail" we tackle a few easy switchbacks all the way down to the doubletrack again.

Our sifu with his 29er rigid single ringer at S1 trail. photo by Headshox

from there we will slowly climb at the foot of bukit botak, until we reached a bridge called "titi serong". Ride up and we will take a right turn, going uphill towards the "rock garden". 

At the rock garden (still under construction), Climb until we reach back to the "battery".

From "battery", we push or pedal if u wish, uphill until we reach the entrance, right hand turn, into the trail called "masterpiece".

In the "masterpiece" trail, we will rip the singletrack all the way down and back to "leftyridge"... then the T junction again.

Trail riding adrenalin junkies. Photo by Headshox

From here we take left into the "looserock" (as we mentioned earlier) and going down a steep mini downhill until we reach a flat singletrack called "Kurma trail".

In the "kurma trail" enjoy the sweetness of this singletrack until u reach "bloodyroot" i.e. a nice switchback and double rotten logs drop, all the way down to "the Flores".

Headshox on Bloodyroot part of the sweetness of Kurma Trail. Photo by Jason koh

"the flores" is a right hand turn at the end of "kurma trail".

into "the flores", ride til we meet a  creek called "river rock".

after we clear the man made rocky river crossing, ride uphill and this mark the ride is almost done.

Ride the double track until we reach the Alam Budiman housing area. 

From here ride until we reach the traficlite and turn right into the Jln Batu Arang going back to UiTM Puncak Perdana.

kata kunci trail: CLIMB Climb CLIMB

**cerita ini adalah persepsi kasar penulis sahaja. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang mencangkul ataupun tidak.